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  • Welcome to the Winter Olympics

    Welcome to the Winter Olympics

    On January 19, 2022, the national fitness and happy ice and snow season in Anhui Province was officially launched at the Wuhuan Ice and Snow Hall of the Hefei Sports Promotion Health Center. At the same time, an Anhui ice and snow culture theme exhibition was held, and local ice and snow characte...
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  • Fitness Beginner Basics

    Fitness Beginner Basics

    The basics of getting started with fitness include fitness frequency, speed, weight, sets, reps per set, movements, and target muscles. Occasional exercise does not belong to fitness. Generally, beginners do about 3 times a week. The frequency of exercise for intermediate practitioners is kept at...
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  • A New Trend Of National Fitness

    A New Trend Of National Fitness

    The popularization of national fitness sports is an important symbol of the modernization of a country. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee stressed: " Focusing on enhancing people's physical fitness and improving institutional measures to promot...
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  • The “15-minute fitness circle”

    The “15-minute fitness circle”

    Recently, the reporter learned from the Healthy Hohhot Action Promotion Committee that in the process of comprehensively promoting the healthy Hohhot, Hohhot City vigorously implemented the comprehensive fitness action, the urban area basically realized the "15-minute fi...
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