UV laser marking machine: leading the new trend of food safety

UV laser marking machine (1)

As the old saying goes, food is the first priority for the people, and safety is the first priority for food. The healthy and safe diet has always been supervised by the public. How to protect the rights and interests of consumers, maintain food safety and meet the needs of scientific management of food safety is a problem that industry practitioners have been thinking about.

The food label has always been the carrier of delivering product information to consumers, as an "edible label" to protect food safety. However, at present, the traditional food products industry still uses ink inkjet printer to make labels for packaging bags. However, because ink inkjet is easy to erase and fall off, some illegal elements will print some expired or even fake and shoddy products with brand trademarks, and put an end to the problems of tampering with the production date and batch number on the packaging, to ensure the safety of the industry, and not leave any opportunity for counterfeiters to make these unqualified products circulate in the market.

The UV laser marking machine, with its laser advantage of 355 nm short-wavelength cold laser, mainly forms color change by breaking the chemical molecular bonds of the plastic surface, without damage to the plastic surface. At present, the UV laser marking machine can meet most of the needs of the industry: for example, the date, batch number, brand, serial number, QR code and other marks of the product can not be changed once sprayed, which plays a greater role in anti-counterfeiting, preventing illegal manufacturers from taking advantage of it, and protecting brand rights and interests.

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UV laser marking machine (2)

Moreover, traditional ink jet printing is easy to pollute and consumes a large amount of ink, which will lead to higher use costs. With the continuous improvement of industry requirements, ink jet printing can no longer meet the industry requirements of the current era.

The emergence of laser technology has solved a series of problems brought about by traditional ink printing. For food packaging, the use of ultraviolet laser marking has the advantages of non-toxic, pollution-free, high efficiency, high definition, exquisite patterns, and never falling off. It brings new changes to food labeling and ensures that Chinese people can eat at ease.

Post time: Mar-14-2023