Xiong Huan Talks About Female Fitness: Not Against Your Body

From the vest line to the "comic waist", from the "swan neck" to the right Angle shoulder, in the face of the overwhelming fitness model, how should ordinary women be from themselves? In a recently published book "Made of All Body: Chinese Female Fitness Narrative," Xiong Huan, a professor at the School of Sports Science at South China Normal University, and her team tried to break the binary narrative of whether female fitness is "trained" or "authorized" through oral stories about 12 female fitness lovers."They may receive optimistic training in the fitness exercise, or they may gain self-liberation and redemption in oppression."Xiong Huan said.

I am Xiong Huan. I am currently a doctoral supervisor and professor in the School of Physical Education Science of South China Normal University. I have been engaged in gender research and sports sociology. In my new book, Made by Everything: Chinese Women Fitness Narrative, I focus on the social culture, body narrative, and some issues about discourse hegemony about the body and beauty.In the book, I told the stories of 12 women, taken from nearly 100 interview cases. Among them are obese people who have experienced "eating and vomiting", college students studying abroad, divorced middle-aged women, "working girls" in cities, and elderly women who get pregnant.Their stories show us the interaction relationship between gender, body and society. 


My interest in sports began very early.I grew up in the college of sports. There was no study pressure. I played crazy every day in the track and field field, gymnastics room and table tennis hall.My father studied the history of physical education. My mother is a physical education teacher, so I have had a perceptual knowledge and sports experience since I was a child.I studied sociology at Fudan University and De Montfort University in the UK. In this process, I was deeply exposed to the sports feminist —— with the feminist perspective and position to examine and change the gender inequality of —— in the sports system to liberate and empower women. I was deeply touched. 

Enlightenment enlightening to me are ann hall's "feminism and sporting bodies",hargreaves's "sporting female",susan birrell's "women,sport and culture", and footbinding,feminism and freedom from my mentor, Professor Fanhong, etc.During my study in the UK, Professor Fan Hong, Professor Dong Jinxia and susan brownnell's research on Chinese women's sports also inspired me a lot.They mainly focus on the issue of Chinese women's competitive sports and physical liberation, but the people around me, including myself, are mass fitness players, not professional competitive athletes, so I want to sort out the position and role of Chinese mass women in the sports system, and what changes they have undergone.Therefore, mass fitness has become my entry point. 

Post time: Oct-20-2021