What are the shoulder training gym equipment


When we train some muscles, it is inevitable that we will use fitness equipment to help us practice. The main muscle of the shoulder is the deltoid muscle, and many people train the shoulder mainly to make themselves look stronger, so that the clothes will be more stylish. So do you know what the shoulder training gym equipment is? Let’s go to the fitness equipment together!



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Kettlebell is a very small fitness equipment, the center of gravity of the kettlebell is far away from the grip point, in this unstable state of swing and grasping, the body will adaptively mobilize multiple muscles to work together. The body is upright and the feet are open about the same width as the shoulders, the legs are slightly bent on the knees, the kettlebell suitable for the weight of this training is naturally placed on the side of the body with both hands, the upper body back is straight, the eyes are usually forward, and the core is tightened. Movement process: after the core is tightened, the anterior and middle bands of the deltoid muscles, mainly the middle bundle contracts, driving the weight-bearing arms to the sides of the body to be lifted flat to the shoulder height, maintaining the peak contraction at the highest point, and then slowly returning to the starting position. Pay attention to the rhythm of breathing and movement during exercise. This allows you to catenary to the deltoid muscle.



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Lie on your back on the training bench with your hands holding the dumbbells. The core is tightened, and then the middle and posterior bundles of the deltoid muscles, mainly the posterior deltoid bundles, slowly move the dumbbells of the hands from the ground to a position at the same height as the shoulder level, that is, the movement of the bird standing, similar to the posture of the chest expansion movement of the standing posture, and feel the feeling of the hindsrus of the deltoid muscle group contracting. Then slowly place it back to the starting position. Pay attention to the cloud movement process, focus on the target muscle group, adjust your breathing.


Push-ups are a sport tool used to do push-ups. By increasing the difficulty of the action, the role of shoulder training is achieved. Down-dip push-ups are the most common way to exercise your shoulders with your bare hands. In a downward inclined push-up, all the center of gravity is shifted to the hand; To do the downward push-ups, you need to put your feet on the push-up board and enter the push-up position. It should be noted that do not collapse when doing push-ups; Complete a sufficient number of repetitions; To increase the difficulty level, you can increase the height of the push-up board.


Post time: Jun-22-2022