What are the common methods of equipment exercise

When it comes to fitness, many people think of going to the gym to exercise, but when everyone goes to the gym to exercise, they don’t know how to exercise. In the end, just go to some equipment such as treadmills to exercise. This is a waste of our time and money, we better understand some common methods of exercise equipment before going to the gym. So do you know the common methods of equipment exercise? Let’s take a look at the fitness knowledge together!
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Strong female fitness model hold barbell in a gym club.

What are the common methods of equipment exercise

bent over rowing
Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, abdominal muscles tightened, back straight, pelvis slightly forward (if you have trouble maintaining this position, sit on an inclined stool to share the weight), stretch Added support to the upper part of the spine. Grasp the dumbbell or barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart, with your arms hanging naturally. Bend your elbows to pull the dumbbells or barbells toward your body, then briefly stay in this position, then slowly lower to the starting position. The breathing rhythm should be to exhale as you lift the dumbbells or barbells, and inhale as you lower them (Figure 12). Beginners should focus on safety, and the weight should not be too large.

Pulley Hammer Curls
Stand upright with your feet shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent to keep your core stable. Attach the handle to the low pulley device of the multifunctional fitness equipment, grasp the closed-loop handle with both hands, palms facing each other, and elbows on either side of the body. In the process of doing the pulley hammer curl, pay attention to keep the upper arm stable when pulling the handle, do not move at will, and do not rotate the wrist at will when completing the action.

What are the common methods of equipment exercise

fitness 2

Equipment incline chest press
The inclination angle of the fitness equipment is 30 degrees, and it lies flat on the multi-functional fitness equipment . Such as strength training leg press.Grasp the two handles with both hands, the distance between the hands should be slightly wider than the length of the shoulders, the elbows are at the sides of the body, and they should be kept open. When doing the chest press on the equipment, you need to pay attention to keep your elbows extended to the sides when you lift.
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Machine heel press
Sit on the press machine with your calves and buttocks touching the machine and your back on the pad. With your legs straight and your feet naturally apart, with the balls of your feet resting on the bottom of the pedals, your toes close to the pedals, and your heels away from the pedals, open the carriage release lever so that your heels are lower than your toes. With your knees still, lift your toes up as far as you can, contract your gastrocnemius, and then return to the starting position in the opposite direction. In the process of doing the machine heel press, it is necessary to pay attention to the toes always forward, the obvious outward or inward of the toes will make the knee posture wrong and cause injury. And don’t bounce during the stretch.

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