What are the combined movements of the apparatus exercise

Fitness exercises have fitness movements specifically for a certain part, as well as compound movements that exercise several muscle groups at the same time. Compound movements can help those who do not have enough fitness time to exercise, compound movements are both freehand and machine exercise. So do you know what the compound movement of an instrumental exercise is? Let’s go to fitness knowledge together!

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1. Latissimus dorsi pulldown

  First of all, we need to adjust the thigh pads to make sure that our thighs and thigh pads fit closely together, so that we can ensure that we pull up more weight. If you want to equip yourself with the right resistance, for fitness novices, you must not blindly use large weights. During the training process, our body should be slightly tilted backwards, and then the lever should be pulled down to the position of the chest, and the control is in the right and correct position in the middle of the collarbone and the chest. Then when we slowly put the lever back into the overhead position, we must learn to control the lever to ensure the safety of the action.


2. Leg kicking exercises

First of all, we need to adjust the instrument, and then the open position of the feet is the same width as the hip, step on the foot pedal, ensure that the knees are bent, about 90 degrees or so, and hold the handles on both sides of the instrument tightly with both hands. Then we push the pedal forward vigorously until the knee joint is fully straightened and stops reaching the  peak state, which can be paused for about two seconds. When recovering to the start and end position, the process must be relatively slow to be able to feel the contraction and expansion of the muscles.


3. Squat at the back of the neck

  First, we need to place the barbell on the upper back as well as on the shoulders, and then touch the ground horizontally with both feet. The center of gravity is at our ankles, the hips are backwards, and then the movement is initiated. When the body squats again, only until the thighs are parallel to the ground, and then end the action.


4. Romanian hard pull

  We stand on our feet just below the barbell, keeping the width between the hip joint and the shoulders, and then hold the barbell in both hands. The distance between your hands is slightly wider than your shoulders. Stretch the hip joint as well as the knee joint to lift the barbell from the ground. Notice that both knees are in a state of grievance, focus the center of gravity on the ankle, and slowly make the rising torso and thigh clamps smaller through the flexion and extension of the hip joint. Keep the spine in a neutral position and then lower the barbell, without having to place it completely on the ground, just slightly below the knee joint. During the whole process, it should be noted that the knee joint is in a slightly flexed state at all times.


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