Use of fitness equipment

The use of fitness equipment is varied, and it is necessary to master the correct method to be effective. Due to the high pressure of work, fast pace of life and little free time, many people choose to go to fitness to strengthen their bodies, exercise their bodies, and relax their pressure. Let’s take a look at the use of fitness equipment.

First, the use of fitness equipment – treadmill

Use of fitness equipment1

Treadmills can be said to be fitness equipment that every gym will have, but many people often ignore the precautions for its use. The treadmill mainly develops the strength of the human body’s hip joints and waist muscles, enhances people’s cardiopulmonary function and coordination, and has a significant effect on relieving stress. When using the treadmill, the bodybuilders stand with their feet apart, stand on the left and right pedals, hold the horizontal bar with both hands, and naturally swing their legs back and forth. When using it, you must hold the horizontal bar with both hands to prevent falling; the swing of your legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain. Children must be protected by adults when using this device. Non-users should not stand before and after the instrument to avoid being injured by the instrument.

Use of fitness equipment2

Second, the use of fitness equipment – back massager.

The waist massager is also one of the favorites of the gym. This fitness equipment not only exercises the waist and back muscles, but also has a very significant effect on relieving waist and back fatigue. It is the best for people who sit in the office for a long time. When using the low back massager, the waist should be close to the massage column, hold the armrest with both hands, and pull the massage column up and down; But some people will be greedy for speed, so the frequency of hand movement will be very fast, in fact, this is very dangerous, not only can not achieve the effect of fitness, but also there is a risk of burns. Remember not to move your arms too fast, and hold the armrests tightly with both hands during standing massage.

Use of fitness equipment – waist twister

The waist twister is a fitness equipment that consumes less energy. The waist twister mainly exercises the waist and hips, and enhances the flexibility and flexibility of the waist. Bodybuilders only need to hold the handrails with both hands and turn left and right after standing firmly to achieve the effect of fitness exercise.

Post time: May-16-2022