The “15-minute fitness circle”

Recently, the reporter learned from the Healthy Hohhot Action Promotion Committee that in the process of comprehensively promoting the healthy Hohhot, Hohhot City vigorously implemented the comprehensive fitness action, the urban area basically realized the "15-minute fitness circle". Hohhot in the implementation of the national fitness action, actively popularize scientific fitness knowledge and methods, to provide different people with targeted sports fitness program or sports guidance services, promote "fitness" "body", build a new platform for fitness health fusion development, medical "cure" port to the sports fitness "prevention" and "cure", to solve the needs of health and fitness.Swimming and diving halls, gymnasiums, and a number of small sports halls have been built, with a per capita stadium area of 2.2 square meters, 1.5 times the national average level, and the "15-minute fitness circle" has been basically realized in the urban area. At present, Hohhot has reached 2.5 social sports instructors per 1,000 people. Through building new parks, amusement parks, square green space and street green space, an urban green space system with reasonable layout, perfect functions and perfect facilities has been basically formed, which meets the needs of urban residents to meet the door to green and aerobic fitness.In 2020, the number of people from urban and rural residents in Hohhot who met the National Physical Examination Standard was 85.7%, and the number of people who regularly participate in physical exercise reached 43%. 


Post time: Dec-03-2020