Scientific fitness will work together to fight the epidemic

Scientific fitness will work together to fight the epidemic —— College of Chemical Engineering and Materials Health Combat Epidemic Social Practice Team is the right way to teach the running process online On July 8th, the health fighting social practice team of the School of Chemical Engineering and Materials of Xuchang University taught the correct way of running process through TikTok short video.Many people like to run as their usual way of exercise, but often some people do not know the right way of running, in running, it is very injured.Today it brings you the right way to run it. The running process can be roughly divided into seven parts, the first step jogging warm body, the second step, the third step dynamic stretch, dynamic stretch, the fourth step preparation activity, then three to four groups of sprint running, activate heart and lung, the fifth step training, the sixth step jogging cold body, and the seventh step stretch and relaxation.Through running, we can improve muscle strength, make muscle mass properly return to normal levels, while improve the basic metabolic level in the body, accelerate the combustion of fat, develop easy to lean constitution.Insist on running has improved our cardiopulmonary function, because as the increase of activity intensity, heart rate acceleration, the heart contraction function will be enhanced, the heart function will be slowly improved, strengthened, the heart exercise load, the heart compensation ability will also be enhanced. Now that the COVID-19 virus has not yet been eliminated, we should adhere to exercise, scientific fitness, enhance our own immunity, and must do a good job of self-protection when exercising outdoors.


Post time: Oct-12-2021