Public Governance Responsibility Behind Obesity

The 1996 edition of the feminism and sporting bodies》 Book Seal, the title of Human Sports Press, Made of Everything, is something I came up with after discussing with my students."Every body" has two connotations, one, as many readers understand, we tell the story of "ordinary" people; the other meaning is to emphasize the "body" of the body, which is some Buddhist meaning, but also the fitness process in the fitness process that we want to carry all our social relations, our meaning symbol system, should be through the fresh body to find themselves.Physical experience is related to social interaction.What is your body's reaction during this action?What is the deepest experience?What is your perception of this matter?Different people's cognition is determined by his social view and social situation.So if the subject experience is different, you give it a different meaning. The first story of "Made Body" is a 24-year-old girl who reported that as a child, a doctor misdiagnosed her with hormone drugs, causing her to gain uncontrolled weight.Not only the physical function decline, but also suffer from discrimination and indifference from the surrounding peers.Later, through various dieting methods and diet pills, she graduated from high school from her adolescent weight peak of 240 jin to 140 jin. Although this made her have acne, dizziness and loose skin, part of her confidence covered up the fact of physical injury. After entering the university, because the diet did not restrain her to regain weight, from the secret love boy straightforward ridicule, unhealthy weight loss way caused by the coma, let her began to explore the road of fitness weight loss.However, when fitness achieved obvious results, she fell into a cycle of diet-overeating-vomiting.This made her white blood cells lower than normal, and developed chronic gastritis and pyloric oedema, including hair loss and loose teeth. It was not until her mother found out about vomiting, her mother's listening and company let her pick up the abandoned exercise habits, and jumped out of the brainwashing and criticism of weight loss culture, learn to love her body and make peace with it. In daily life, many women worry about obesity and even associate obese bodies with personality qualities such as insecurity and laziness.In fact, obesity is not only a personal problem, it occurs for different reasons.Simply blaming obesity on individual imself-discipline masks the responsibility of public governance. From the perspective of society as a whole, it can become a public topic, which has a lot to do with the changes in social life.Many scholars, including me, also believe that the obesity problem reflects social stratification and the imbalance of social public resources.


We can also adopt public policies and regulations to guide people's health behavior.For example, to encourage green travel, it may be more transportation auxiliary facilities, needed to facilitate green travel; for some junk food, fried food, because the market economy can not ban it, that through tax adjustment, let us spend on these junk food, sweet food, then people may not choose these food; reduce those natural food, coarse grain, now inflated prices.These are the means of public policy to guide a healthy lifestyle. Why in both the US and the UK, the fat man is more in the bottom class, the good shape of the fit people in the elite class.Garbage food is the cheapest, the poor can only afford these things, cannot afford to go to the gym, let alone this awareness.So sometimes the body is also the externalization of the social class.We can balance a normal lifestyle by increasing the cost of harmful living habits. A lot of obesity is because of pressure, modern work and life pressure is too big, 996 overtime and so on, can protect people's rest, leisure power at the legal level, put an end to overtime, and ensure a good life law?Some people are under great pressure to seek comfort from food. Whether public platforms can have some positive guidance, especially in the "We Media" field.I have paid attention to eating broadcast for a while. As an audience, seeing others eat, it seems like I eat it, but do you think he can really eat that much?Are you wasting your food or enjoying the food?These are all negative guidance.In order to attract traffic, some people are fake to eat and then vomit, he is in front of the camera is a bright, how to eat do not eat fat image, in fact, is a kind of performance, but also misleading to the public. Therefore, we say that the management of obesity does not only rely on individual self-consciousness, but the health goal that the whole social system should accomplish together to form a systematic governance plan.

Post time: Oct-20-2021