Outdoor intelligent fitness station makes national fitness more intelligent

News from our newspaper (Reporter He Jisao) Real-time mastering of exercise time, calories burned, cycling distance and other data is no longer an experience that can only be enjoyed in the gym. Recently, the outdoor smart fitness station set up in the Zhongjian Happy City Plaza in Xinpu New District has attracted many citizens to come to exercise and experience.

The reporter saw at the scene that compared with the traditional outdoor fitness equipment, the smart fitness equipment has a higher appearance and more functions. The newly installed sports equipment is equipped with an umbrella-shaped structure ceiling, which can not only protect the LCD screen through solar energy 24 hours a day. Daily use of electricity can also reduce the corrosion of equipment by exposure to sunlight and rain, and prolong the service life of the equipment. The smart fitness station has more than 10 types of smart fitness equipment, including physical fitness testing, aerobic training, and strength training. You can obtain information such as height, weight, and BMI through simple operations. You can also perform cardiopulmonary function test training, upper limb and shoulder joint dual-function training , Leg flexion and extension dual function training, etc.


Ms. Zhang, who lives in the C area of Happy City, often dances in the square. When she saw the new smart fitness station added to the square, she took the lead in “trying early adopters” and experiencing the equipment set up one by one. ”The outdoor smart fitness station has various equipment and rich functions, which can fully meet the needs of daily exercise. It is very convenient and intelligent.” Ms. Zhang praised.

“Some of these smart fitness equipment are more advanced than the ones in the gym, especially the sit-up machine, which can not only count the time but also count.” Citizen Mr. Liang told reporters happily while exercising on the fitness equipment.


Since 2021, our city has focused on meeting the needs of the people, improving the level of public sports services, continuously improving the national fitness service system, and solidly implementing the national fitness project, not only upgrading and transforming 15 intelligent multi-purpose sports grounds for citizens in various counties (cities, districts). , and also successively built outdoor smart fitness stations in Renhuai City, Chishui City, Tongzi County, and Xinpu New District.


The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau said that they will continue to promote the construction of national fitness facilities, improve the coverage of fitness facilities, increase the proportion of intelligent outdoor fitness venues and facilities, and improve the construction of the “15-minute fitness circle” to allow more Multiple people enjoy high-quality fitness fun for free.

Post time: Mar-29-2022