National Fitness Leads a Healthy Life!


Without the health of the whole people, there will be no comprehensive well-off. At present, the number of social sports instructors in Qingdao has reached 30,000, and the number of instructors per 1,000 people has exceeded the data of the “13th Five-Year Plan” period. How did Qingdao do it?

The so-called “social sports instructor” refers to the personnel who are engaged in skill transfer, exercise guidance, and organization and management in mass sports activities other than competitive sports, school sports, and military sports. Its level is divided into four levels, namely national level, first level, second level, and third level. Without the health of the whole people, there will be no comprehensive well-off.


Peng Longlong, a physical education teacher born in the 1980s at Guangzhou Road Primary School in Jiaozhou City, is also one of the trainees. He has a lot of feelings about participating in the second-level social sports instructor training. “First of all, as a teacher, this is an opportunity to exercise yourself, but also an opportunity to meet old teachers around you and learn from them. Secondly, there are also teaching methods. Practice makes perfect. Some of these actions can be used in children’s daily warm-up activities to increase children’s sports interest and participation, and improve teaching efficiency.” It is understood that more and more school teachers have joined the national fitness team and participated in district and municipal social sports instructor training, which not only improved their teaching ability, but also promoted the improvement of the overall team’s youth status and injected youthful blood. , In schools, it is better to promote the nationwide fitness exercise to students, so as to achieve the popularization of one-to-one, one-to-one transmission. At present, the designated test subject for Qingdao social sports instructors is aerobics. Yu Shuqin from Qingdao Senior Sports Association has participated in examination training for more than 20 years and has accumulated rich experience in guiding the national fitness work. “I entered Qingdao Senior Sports Association in 1999, and then I went to various places across the country to learn social sports instructors and various coaches training courses organized by the China Sports Association. I have experienced multiple development stages of national fitness work. Now, with With the development of the Internet, aerobics is becoming more and more popular, and residents can follow video exercises at home. However, everyone’s physical condition and needs are different. If you want scientific fitness, you still need more professional guidance.” Teacher Yu said, Every year, she and her team will appropriately adjust and arrange the aerobics exercises according to the students who signed up for the social sports instructor exam, combined with the mainstream social environment of the year, and select the appropriate songs so that the students can apply what they have learned. “This year we organized two aerobics, “The Battle Song of a Strong Army” and “Flying Military Song”, around the theme of the centenary anniversary of the founding of the party. Everyone was excited when they learned to jump.” Teacher Yu said. In order to let more people learn quickly and easily, teacher Yu and his team began to arrange various aerobics independently in 2009.

The first set of “acupoint exercises” in the country was designed and arranged by teachers and teams. After certification and verification by Qingdao Yongxin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this set of “acupoint exercises” has been popularized. It is understood that this year’s exam has several outstanding changes compared with previous years: with the development of informatization and dataization, the registration method has been changed from offline to online. Online registration through the mobile APP “Hui Fitness” can be used to a greater extent, Quickly make data sorting and screening; students need to sign the “Qingdao Social Sports Instructor Volunteer Service Commitment”, promising to actively participate in the national fitness volunteer service activities while performing the duties of social sports instructors. Help citizens in communities and streets to popularize national fitness and promote their physical fitness; as candidates for exams become younger, the difficulty of exams is also on the rise, and the elimination rate will gradually increase. With the development of the national fitness industry in Qingdao in recent years, the team construction of social sports instructors has become more professional, standardized and regular; the mental state of the students has been significantly improved, and the enthusiasm for participating in interaction is also higher than in previous years; the content of the exam is in addition to social sports instructors The study of public theoretical knowledge, the management of the use of fitness facilities and equipment, the theoretical knowledge of the organization of mass sports events, and the assessment of practical operations, and appropriate adjustments will be made according to the gender, occupation, and age of the applicants.


Driven by the nationwide fitness boom, both the layout of hardware equipment and the improvement of soft conditions have well guided the development of the team of social sports instructors, and promoted the improvement of the mental state of the islanders and the enhancement of their physical fitness. To a very good driving effect.

Post time: Dec-15-2021