Investigation on “Running Road” in Gym

In many “Orvis Member Rights Protection Groups”, the news has been flashing since December 26 last year.
There are many people in the gym, people like treadmill, dumbbells, integrated strength trainers, etc. As people pay attention to health, the gym is more, but management needs to be strengthened.
Among them, some people lost several thousand yuan, while many lost nearly 100,000 yuan…    Overnight, this fitness club, which has been open for six years, locked the door and “run away.” In the previous ten days, the fitness club had just held a large-scale “Double Twelve” marketing event, which “attracted more than one million funds”.    The Red Star News reporter learned that Wang Yuanjiang, the owner of Orvis Fitness Club, is also one of the initiators of the Chengdu Leisure Fitness Service Industry Association and serves as the executive vice president of the association. When the association was established, the first president once said in an interview with reporters that “(the purpose of the association) is to provide consumers with a channel for complaints and supervision, and customers no longer need to worry about problems such as running away from the gym after applying for a card recharge.”    But now, why did the vice president of the association “run away” first? The Red Star News reporter recently conducted a visit to investigate this.
Ms. Luo was pulled into the rights protection group by her fitness coach. “They said the gym ran away.” When entering the rights protection group, hundreds of people who claimed to be consumers were already in the group. More and more people have formed two groups for rights protection and a small group for rights protection.    This club called Orvis Fitness (Kuanzhai Alley) is located near Kuanzhai Alley in Chengdu, less than 200 meters from Exit C of Tonghuimen Station of Metro Line 2. It has attracted many consumers due to its convenient transportation. According to incomplete statistics, when the fitness club ceased business, there were still more than 2,000 members.    Consumer Mr. Huang still has dozens of private lessons that he has not attended, plus the annual card, and the loss is nearly 20,000 yuan. He remembered very clearly that the fitness club was closed on December 26 last year. He just woke up in the morning when he saw the news that the gym was “running”. Because he lived relatively close, when he went to the gym, dozens of consumers and fitness trainers were surrounded downstairs, and the door to the fitness club on the second floor was locked by a big lock, and there were scattered staff inside. Walking back and forth, they shouted outside the door: “The boss has run away…”
Mr. Huang was not the one who suffered the most. According to a fitness coach, during the “Double Twelfth” event last year, they opened two large orders worth more than 70,000 yuan. In the rights protection group, a female consumer who did not want to be named stated that due to the large discounts for the “Double Twelfth” gym, she topped up 40,000 yuan in one go. With the unfinished classes, there are currently 6 in the account. Ten thousand yuan.    She said that she had been exercising here for two or three years. “I didn’t expect that the gym was originally good. Why would you just run and run overnight without any signs?”

“It’s not without signs.” A fitness trainer surnamed Zhang in the fitness club was also in the rights protection group. She defended her rights because the club owed her a total of 35,000 yuan in wages for two months and did not pay her. She told reporters that two months before closing, the club had already started to default on wages. “Only the basic salary was issued in November. The salary was originally paid on December 20, but it was still not paid.” According to the coach surnamed Zhang, on December 22 last year, the employees approached the boss Wang Yuanjiang to negotiate, “He said that he has no money and will not pay (salary) anymore. You can open this shop if you want to open it, but not if you don’t want to. Open.” Coach Zhang said, they also thought of many ways to negotiate with Wang Yuanjiang, but he did not agree. “He doesn’t agree, we have to stop going to work.” Therefore, on December 25 last year, the employees collectively stopped work and closed the shop.

Post time: Dec-20-2021