How to exercise for beginners

For fitness beginners, what is most needed at present is not a fitness plan, but a process of developing a habit. Be able to accurately grasp several basic movement patterns of the human body, based on the basic movement patterns, initially develop basic strength, and gradually advance.

1. The whole body exercise is given priority. Most people go to the gym to exercise, nothing more than to increase strength, improve muscle strength, increase muscle size, lose weight, and improve physical function. But until then, no one can ignore the “nerve and muscle adaptation” step. In particular, modern people are accustomed to “sitting life”, and most of them have lost the ability to perform whole-body movements. The connection between nerves and muscles is either not opened or not tight enough. So just joined the gym, it is recommended to start with “full body movements”. Whole body movements include squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull-ups, etc., or mobility movements that involve a high proportion of the whole body (such as lunges, farmer’s walks), not only can you train the whole body at one time, but also the overall motor nerve.

2.Want to get better results in fitness training. You must first understand your own physical state. For example: what is your body fat percentage, what is your waist-to-hip ratio, what is your muscle strength, what is your cardiorespiratory capacity, whether your body has suffered serious injuries, etc.

3.Half an hour before exercise, you can eat something to better achieve the effect of exercise. Remember not to fast on an empty stomach, and you will not be able to perform sports in a hungry state. There is a saying that is very true, you have the strength to lose weight when you are full. And when you are hungry, you will consume muscle, and exercising at this time is equivalent to the opposite effect. If you are hungry during exercise, you can eat a toffee to quickly eliminate hunger.


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Post time: May-09-2022