How newcomers work out in the gym

With the explosion of the fitness industry, many people are now joining the fitness industry. Some newcomers who have just joined know nothing about fitness training, and when they came to the gym, they also thought about exercising well, thinking that they had arrived at the gym. will exercise. In fact, it was only after they arrived that they realized that fitness training was not as simple as they thought, so I am here to share with newcomers how to conduct fitness training safely, scientifically and effectively.

Step 1: Warm up. That is, when you first go to the gym, be sure to warm up first. Warm-up time varies from person to person. It usually takes 5 to 10 minutes. If it is a person with a medical condition or a person with joint problems, the warm-up time will take longer. Warming up is a very important part, but many people ignore it in real training. So what are the benefits of warming up? First of all, after warming up, it can improve blood circulation, increase body temperature, and reduce muscle viscosity, so as to ensure that muscles can perform at a super level during training and improve their own sports. Ability, viscosity of muscle is related to temperature, the higher the temperature, the lower the viscosity. The second is to protect our joints well. When warming up, our joint capsules will be stimulated to secrete more synovial fluid, so as to avoid the wear and tear of articular surfaces and articular cartilage. So the warm-up environment is unavoidable from a long-term perspective. Warming up allows you to improve athletic performance while avoiding injury. There are many forms of warm-up, usually jogging, brisk walking, boarding a spinning bike, or skipping rope, etc. There are many forms.

How newcomers work out in the gym

Step 2: Training session. After the warm-up, rest for a few minutes before entering the formal training session. When doing strength training, the weight of each set is gradually increased from the empty bar up. until you add to your normal training weight. That’s close to the weight you can do 10 to 15 reps to failure per set. Of course, when training as a novice in the early stage, the first thing to do is to adapt to the training environment of the gym and give the body a buffer. If you can’t come up, play with high intensity, and you must progress gradually. So basically the selected weight is more than 15 times of failure. More than 20 times is also possible. Then, when you first start training, you can do full-body training. This means exercising every part of your body every day. Practice a day and rest a day. Each exercise is controlled within an hour, and this training lasts about a week to two weeks. After two weeks, you can start split training. That is, more professional fitness training.

 How newcomers work out in the gym2

Step 3: Stretch and relax. After the entire workout, do a full body relaxation and stretch. Muscle spasms are stiffer because the training makes the muscles engorged. Then, stretching can relax the tense muscles, reduce pain, speed up blood circulation, take away the metabolites produced by training as soon as possible, and also bring fresh nutrients to the muscles, which is helpful for muscle growth. and physical recovery. It can also be a good way to avoid causing muscles to become dead muscles, that is, muscles with poor elasticity. There are also many ways to stretch, usually static stretching is good, stretch one to the maximum amplitude of the muscle, and then hold it for about 30 seconds. But when doing stretching, you also need to do group training. It is enough to stretch each part in four or five sets. Don’t just stretch it for a while. These are all big misunderstandings. Stretching is very important for fitness training.

How newcomers work out in the gym3

The above is a preliminary and simple training process, but it belongs to the primary level. If you don’t understand anything,please visit website:

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