Fitness tips during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since Shanghai brought the epidemic under control in the second half of 2020, everyone’s life has slowly been on the right track. Except for several large-scale vaccinations in 2021, there was almost no “disturbance” in the rest of the time. However, the potential threat of the new crown pneumonia virus has always existed, and the international situation is not optimistic. We, who were waiting to take off our masks, were hit by the new crown epidemic in the past week. The amazing transmission speed makes people frightened.

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At the beginning of 2020, after the news of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Wuhan spread, I had a mental breakdown for a short period of time. The reason was that I could not buy protective equipment (medical masks, disinfectant alcohol, etc.); if I was infected, there was no targeted medicine to cure . With only one anti-smog mask left at home, I felt hopeless, and the anxiety and anxiety that I had never had before flooded into my heart, full of negative energy! You must know that excessive anxiety will reduce the immunity, which is tantamount to worsening the situation for me in the epidemic.

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Now, although there are many news about closing schools, shopping malls, houses, and communities, compared with 2020, we have no need to worry and fear, because we have enough medical masks, disinfectant alcohol, and rich experience in fighting the epidemic. ; The most important thing is that most of us have been vaccinated, and even if unfortunately infected with the new crown, the disease can be minimized, as evidenced by “mild” and “asymptomatic infection”. Therefore, we have good reasons to keep ourselves in a positive state of mind and live our lives full of positivity.

Dispel all thoughts of “assault weight loss”, similar to “Hu Bing’s weight loss method to lose 14 pounds in 21 days” must not be done! Refer to the “healthy weight loss” diet plan I wrote in the previous articles to eat, mainly rely on light and nutritionally balanced food to help reduce body fat. Reduce the frequency of aerobic exercise, or give up. Put an end to all fitness behaviors that damage immunity, and put physical health first. In extreme cases, give up “weight loss”, eat and drink, and get fit after the epidemic has eased.

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At present, most gyms should be closed. If there are any, it is not recommended to go there. It is easy to cross infection during exercise. For those who have a “home gym” or “home fitness corner”, I suggest that you use “pyramid weighting” when doing resistance training with barbells and dumbbells. This is the oldest training method in bodybuilding, and it is easy to get a pump feeling. Avoid joint ligament injury, and make people feel good. The maximum load of the equipment is reduced to 60% to 80%. In some heavy-duty “compound movements” involving multiple joints, such as bench press and squat, it is recommended to use the “warm-up group” as a “formal group” and cancel the “formal group”. “Forced reps” are canceled regardless of the content of resistance training. These precautions are to avoid the reduction of human immunity. During the epidemic, don’t think about the “excessive recovery” of muscles, just maintain muscle elasticity.

Those who are isolated at home and have treadmills and elliptical machines at home can try to do low-intensity aerobic exercise three times a week. For those who only have barbells and dumbbells, I suggest that you can do “multiple squats” (for example: 50 or more squats with an empty bar with a load of 20kg), “supergroups” (for example: “Dumbbell Standing Calf Raise + Dumbbell Standing Arm curls + Arnold presses, a triple “super group”), treat anaerobic exercise as aerobic exercise. Of course, the weight must be light. During training, the muscles should stop as soon as they feel sore.

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Some fitness fanatics like high-intensity training. I suggest that people who have done high-intensity training for a period of time before will regard this epidemic as an “active rest period”, do not do any more exercise, and let the body rest completely. This active rest allows our nervous system, muscles, joints, ligaments to recover to the greatest extent possible, and most importantly, the immune system can no longer be damaged and improve the ability to resist disease.

Post time: Mar-15-2022