Elliptical machine weight loss will not hurt the knee

When we use some fitness equipment to exercise our muscles, we often feel that these fitness equipment exercises our leg muscles very obviously, but at the same time, they have a certain injury and impact on our knees. So we pay a lot of attention to this when choosing fitness equipment. So do you think the elliptical machine weight loss will hurt the knee? Let’s go to the fitness equipment together!


Elliptical machine weight loss will not hurt the knee How to avoid the elliptical machine hurt the knee


Does practicing elliptical machine hurt your knee

  The scientific use of elliptical machines has little knee damage, but if the posture is wrong and the exercise intensity is too large when using the elliptical machine, it will still have a large damage to the knee.


Practice why the elliptical machine has little damage to the knee

  Generally speaking, any exercise involving the lower limbs plays a certain role in exercising the joints, muscles and ligaments of the legs, and may also bring about different degrees of injury. And the correct elliptical machine is very small for knee damage. The biggest feature of the elliptical machine itself is that the knee joint does not have a focus point when using it to exercise, which can avoid the impact generated when running, thus protecting the knee joint very well.China Gym Equipment Commercial Use Body Building Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer Manufacture and Factory | Excellent Mechanical (exctmechanical.com)

How to avoid elliptical machine injuries to the knee

  The heel is not off the pedal

  In the process of using the elliptical machine, it is necessary to ensure that the heel is not lifted, that is, it does not leave the foot pedal, and the bending degree of the knee and the legs cannot be too large, and the impact on the knee cannot be increased.

The arms should cooperate with the movement

  If the elliptical machine is used as a treadmill, only the legs are exerting force, and the arm only plays a stabilizing role under the action of the legs or simply does not support the armrest, it may make the body more tired due to uncoordinated movements, thereby straining the muscles and causing damage to the knee joint. The correct way to use the elliptical machine is to gently hold the armrest with both hands, and the hands and feet follow the feet to pedal forward in turn, and then gradually increase the thrust and pull of the hands after the movement of the hands and feet reaches a more coordinated degree.


Warm up before exercising

  Before using the elliptical machine, it is necessary to warm up so that the knee joint can move open and avoid sports injuries to a certain extent. After exercise, you should also pay attention to relaxation exercise, which can help relieve the tightness of muscles during exercise and can effectively relieve muscle soreness.


Grasp the intensity of the exercise

  When using the elliptical machine, do not use the resistance of the high grade at once, according to their actual situation, slowly increase, so that the body can adapt.

Post time: Aug-01-2022