Covid-19, Starting With Fitness

Moderate exercise is a way to improve human immunity. Wuhan Fangfang Hospital mainly treats mild patients with COVID-19. It is daily to do exercises and do square dancing. The patients also "jump" on the News Network, which breaks people's imagination of the traditional hospital environment. In the isolation ward of the Second People's Hospital of Changde City, the patients were not idle and jumped up aerobics.At the same time, many citizens staying at home, in order to improve immunity, also began to fight various "epidemic" fitness punch in. 


For Changde friends who like fitness or dancing, this year is very different, major gyms and dance rooms have postponed classes, but every day they stay at home they are not idle. At 6 p. m. on February 16, in the st dance WeChat group in Changde, Tingting, like many friends, posted a video of herself dancing alone at home, with difficult actions such as splitting, twisting and throwing her head handy.The video is also equipped with the text "I exercise, I am healthy, fight the epidemic, self-discipline and strong body" fitness punch in, showing that the seventh day.Other dancers, like Tingting, also posted their punching videos.They said, " The holidays continue, and although we can't dance from work as before, we can still dance at home, and our progress won't stall!Where the heart is there, where the stage is there!"In order to encourage friends who stay at home to move, the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism, Guangzhou and Sports and the Municipal National Fitness Service Center planned and launched a promotional film" BadJin " against the epidemic, and recommended a set of home fitness actions.Badjin is a fitness treasure of the Chinese nation. It is easy to learn and practice. The eight moves have different fitness effects. You can practice at home, which can effectively improve body resistance and immunity and have a good effect in the fight against COVID-19.

Recently, a video of him dancing in the Changde ward went viral.In the isolation ward of the Second People's Hospital of Changde City, COVID-19 municipal treatment hospital, the medical staff jumped up "Day Day Up" aerobics, neatly beat over the head, pacing back and forth... According to the hospital, the aerobics exercise is moderate, which is conducive to the recovery of patients.After the video was released by Changde financial media and Hunan TV, it was heavily reprinted in some fitness groups in Changde, and netizens gave them thumb up. Liu Chunyuan, a medical staff worker from the Changde First Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Wuhan Dahuashan cabin Hospital, also shot some videos.In the video, caregivers take the patient to do "poultry operas" to enhance their physique. The patient is still wearing a down jacket sent by the hospital and looks in a good mental state.According to reports, many medical staff occasionally have leisure time will also play a "five poultry opera" and "eight paragraph brocade". On the Internet, some COVID-19 patients jumping aerobics selfie videos have also received a lot of thumb up.A patient said in an interview that recording a dance video is to record the beauty around him. In addition to dancing, he also does lung exercises to strengthen his body and improve his immunity.But experts also suggest that appropriate exercise is encouraged for patients, but strenuous exercise is not advisable.

Post time: Oct-20-2021