Big hands holding small hands fitness to fight the epidemic

In order to make full use of the winter vacation time, enrich the children's holiday life, cultivate good physical exercise and healthy eating habits, and promote the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise.According to the arrangement of the Municipal Sports Bureau, the Municipal Education Bureau and the Municipal Communist Youth League Committee, the second Hebei Province (Xingtai Xindu Station) will be held from February 9 to February 19,2021.The activity with "big hand, fitness against epidemic" as the theme, through the family fitness, harmonious parent-child relationship, promote ice and snow sports, for Beijing Olympics warm up, strengthen the basic physical exercise, develop health habits, prevent myopia, obesity and other children's health problems, improve physical quality, enhance the ability to fight "disease", promote the all-round development of children.

Life is beautiful because of the movement! Come on! Let our big hands hold the children, Feel the charm of parent-child sports together, Exercise and enhance your immunity, Develop healthy living habits, We will promote the all-round development of young children. 


Post time: Oct-12-2021