Basic fitness knowledge, we must understand, let you popularize it

Introduction: There are more and more people doing fitness now, but there are still many laymen who don’t know how to start fitness. Some people think that fitness is just a simple exercise and there is no need to pay attention to anything. In fact, there are many scientific principles in fitness. Inside, if you exercise blindly, not only will you not get good results, but on the contrary, it will also be harmful to our body. Today, the editor will take you to start with the most basic fitness knowledge and explain some dry knowledge of fitness for you.

1. What is the purpose of your fitness This is a real problem facing us who are just starting to prepare for exercise, and it is also the first problem we encounter when we exercise. Why do we want to exercise? Many people’s answer is to lose weight, and some people say it’s for health, but no matter what the purpose is, we only have to aim at the point of our goal, and then exercise in a targeted manner, so as to have a good exercise effect, otherwise your direction By the way, if you don’t have the effect you want, then this fitness will be greatly reduced for you.

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If you want to lose weight, then you have to do some long-lasting exercises such as running. If you want to lose fat, do some fitness such as yoga, it is estimated that it will become less and less in line with your wishes. And if you want to gain muscle, do some powerful fitness exercises.

2. Preparation before exercise There are two things you must have in preparation, warm-up and equipment. Warm up must be done, especially for swimming. Before swimming, try the water temperature and do a warm-up exercise by the pool. Otherwise, if you rush into the water, you will have the risk of cramping. Warm up before running is also essential. Move your muscles and bones in place, do more stretching work, and then start running, otherwise, you will easily hurt your muscles and bones.The equipment is mainly concentrated in indoor sports. Of course, basketball and football sports not only require equipment, but also a venue. These are all considered before exercise. In addition, the equipment used for fitness at home is not required to be expensive, but practical. For example, suitable shoes, soft yoga mats, sports towels, knee pads, dumbbells, barbells, etc. are all ready. Fitness is not just a single exercise, it is the result of a multi-directional combination.

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3. Giving up on diet This is simply a nightmare for dieters, but for the great cause of losing weight, we must give up the junk food we usually eat, and other high-energy hot pots and skewers, but it is not that scary. Just take control. After all, we are not health experts. What we pursue is firstly physical fitness and secondly fitness. The requirements are not too strict.

4. Get enough sleep We usually have to ensure seven hours of sleep quality. Some people think that the body will be better during fitness, and sleep does not require seven hours. This understanding is very wrong. In particular, people who exercise must ensure that sleep still requires more than seven hours because it is consumed. With a lot of heat energy, the human body needs rest to help recover. Some people go to bed after twelve o’clock at night before fitness, and they ask to go to bed before ten o’clock after fitness, which makes many people unacceptable. However, fitness itself is a healthy lifestyle and it will require you to give up unhealthy things. Lifestyle, isn’t this also our original intention for fitness? Therefore, we must abide by this point.

5. Persistence is the basic requirement of fitness Fitness is afraid of giving up halfway. Therefore, persistence is the first element of fitness. For a person who can’t persist, no matter how perfect a fitness plan is, it is impossible to show it perfectly in front of you. Persistence is not easy. It is often accompanied by loneliness and individuality. Loneliness, but if you enjoy it, you will definitely benefit a lot. 

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Conclusion: You must have a plan to do everything. Fitness is no exception. Fitness is not a simple thing that we think. You must persevere in everything, especially exercise, which can test a person the most. If you can complete the above points and pay attention to it, I believe you will become a fitness expert in the near future. 

Post time: Jan-07-2022