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We started out in Minneapolis. We love the mini-apple. What we aren’t so keen on there? The winter weather. It’s so cold that Minnesotans have put pedestrian tunnels between buildings. You don’t want to run outside in Minneapolis. Sometimes, coach had us running on treadmills by November. That’s where it all began. Our treadmill reviews contain honest advice from one trainee to another. If a track doesn’t work for intense training, we’ll tell you. If a treadmill costs too much, we’ll tell you that too. Want to find a winner right away? Check out our Best Buy Picks. As well as providing objective treadmill reviews, we frequently post expert articles about treadmill workouts, maintenance and other related topics in our article section and our blog.We advice you check the website:https://www.exctmechanical.com/touch-screen-treadmill-ec-9500-for-commercial-use-product/




image1From construction foreman to automotive technician, and journalist to senior editor, it’s safe to say that Justin’s career has been a diverse one. This journey has granted him a discerning eye for quality in product construction and engineering, as well as market positioning. Justin fuses his technical know-how with a personal love of fitness to bring the TreadmillReviews.net community a thoughtful curation of objective treadmill reviews. Whether it’s deciphering which treadmill is best for your training preference, or debating the value of the latest trend sweeping the treadmill world, you can rest assured that our insightful reviews will help you make the right purchase decision for the long term.



Running Guru

image2In April 2002, I crossed the finish line of my first ever race huffing and puffing. It took me 2:17 to run that hilly half marathon course and I am sure there was some cursing along the way, but mostly there was tremendous, overwhelming pride. Years and thousands of miles later, that same pride is what gets me out the door for runs from 3 to 26.2 miles. Running now is a place of peace for me to solve the problems of the day, outline new story ideas and ponder big dreams. It’s often on my runs that I come up with new ideas to help my cadets overcome IT Band issues or avoid runners’ trots! So I think it’s fair to say that my training greatly benefits them.



Chiropractor and Personal Trainer

As a chiropractor and personal trainer with over 10 years of industry experience, Dr. Neil Bhasin successfully helps people on their journey to health and wellness everyday. He is also the current clinic director of Strength-N-U. We thought Dr. Bhasin was the perfect candidate to help us objectively review the treadmills of today and tomorrow. Our reviews feature his professional perspective on the machines and whether they can help you reach your fitness goals in a healthy way. You can catch his video reviews on some of the top-rated models on TreadmillReviews.net.



Contributor and Health Advisor 

image4Dr. Nicki Karimipour is a communications expert and experienced researcher. She obtained her master’s degree and Ph.D. in Health Communications from the University of Florida. She has previous experience in writing and editing for both print and online publications, and almost a decade of experience in teaching health writing, public health, and public relations at the undergraduate and graduate level. She is based in Los Angeles, California and currently works at the University of Southern California as a director of communications and clinical research.



Merchant Manager

image5Coming from a multi-dimensional fitness background, Nakisa’s journey began as a competitive inline figure skater and snowboarder. At the age of 15, she secured 2nd place for Iran’s NationalJunior skating team. After moving to Canada and studying Kinesiology at York University, as well as further certifications at Centennial College, her passion for fitness led her to pursue workas a Personal Trainer, manager, and fitness counselor at various fitness facilities, as well as working as a Recreation Therapist. It’s these multiple touch points in various facets of the fitness industry that positions Nakisa perfectly for her arrival as Merchant Manager for Treadmillreviews.net. From meditation retreats to avidly reading any literature pertaining to nutrition, healthy mind & body, Nakisa is consistently seeking out further self-development. What started off as a passion has now turned into an obsession to support and help those who are in need whether it’s patients, or people who are pursuing their own fitness journey at any level.



Contributor and NASM Certified Personal Trainer

image6Jessica is a NASM-certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who also holds her MBA with a focus in internet marketing. When she’s not working with clients, she’s usually at her local YMCA where she works with all ages from seniors in the Silver Sneakers group all the way to college and high school students in high intensity interval training.

Her passion for fitness began when she successfully quit smoking using the neurobiological responses of exercises to rewire her brain. As a certified tobacco treatment specialist, Jessica has written a book and is developing her own fitness program to help others quit smoking just like she did.

From weight loss and rehabilitation to hypertrophy training and more, Jessica is experienced in addressing the unique fitness factors associated with a range of priorities, and some of her proudest moments are shared with her clients when they meet their goals. She has made a point to always be signed up for a competition and is often spotted around town training.If you want to have a beautiful figure, I recommend buying a treadmill or other fitness device, which will help you. You maybe interesting in this :https://www.exctmechanical.com/touch-screen-treadmill-ec-9800a-for-commercial-use-2-product/



Bodybuilder and Nutritionist

image7Exercise has always been a core component of Brian’s life. A 7-time national qualifier in both men’s bodybuilding and classic physique within the NPC competitions, Brian is also a competitive powerlifter and strength sports enthusiast. While barbells and resistance training are a big part of his program, he has also coached and been coached on cardiovascular training, HIIT, and nutrition, particularly as it pertains to weight loss for competitions. Brian brings to Treadmillreviews.net solid experience using treadmills, ellipticals, and trainers for these purposes.

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