A New Trend Of National Fitness

The popularization of national fitness sports is an important symbol of the modernization of a country. The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee stressed: " Focusing on enhancing people's physical fitness and improving institutional measures to promote national fitness. "The sudden COVID-19 epidemic has made the people aware of the importance of health, put themselves into the ranks of fitness, and developed the habit of fitness during the epidemic. The transformation of people's health concept and fitness habits will inevitably have an impact on the development of national fitness. It is necessary to make a scientific analysis of the development trend of national fitness under the normal epidemic prevention and control, so as to better promote the cause of national fitness and constantly improve the level of people's health. The change of health concept and fitness habits stimulates the diversion of national fitness to the community.With the continuous advancement of urbanization process, people have gradually changed from "unit people" to "social people", and work units tend to unify labor relations, no longer mix life welfare and work, and transfer the way of living to community and socialization. Fitness and leisure are generally carried out in their own life radius. Affected by the epidemic, mass fitness space also from outdoor to indoor, from the gym to their living room, further stimulate the diversion of national fitness to the community. Focusing on the whole life cycle and the whole health process, formulating and implementing the trend and distribution characteristics of population flow and aggregation, formulate and implement the grassroots fitness and health service system plan covering all the full population and convenient access, so that the general public can enjoy fair and accessible fitness and health service resources. Therefore, it will become a trend to focus on the national fitness activities on the community, with the community, residence as the basic unit, the community (centralized building) as the unit, to form a national fitness community network.

The new fitness model integrating online and offline has given birth to new business forms of the sports industry. During the post-epidemic period, more and more people choose to combine home fitness with outdoor exercise, and the demand for fitness venues was reduced accordingly, and some commercial fitness venues were greatly affected. With the continuous emergence of new things such as cloud competition, online fitness and scene-based fitness, the demand for online training courses and intelligent fitness equipment continues to increase. This forces the fitness industry to respond to the changes in the fitness needs of citizens in the post-epidemic period, strive to develop more high-quality fitness products, and take the road of connotation development. On the one hand, the fitness industry should keep pace with The Times, use VR(virtual reality), IOT(Internet of Things) and other new technologies and new means, based on interactive, scene, experience and other principles, to combine fitness activities with new technology, upgrade intelligent fitness equipment. On the other hand, this also requires the fitness industry to cultivate itself, improve the quality of products and services, base the growing fitness demand, develop online and offline high-quality fitness courses, and take the road of high-quality development. The deep integration of sports and medical care drives national fitness towards scientific fitness.The deep integration of sports and medical care can better and effectively improve the scientific nature, universality and sustainability of national fitness from the perspective of the whole life cycle and the whole health process. In the post-epidemic period, promoting the deep integration of sports and medical care should become one of the key tasks. On the one hand, the need to integrate resources of sports and health system, using interdisciplinary thinking, build and perfect the combination of national fitness service system, realize the medical knowledge system and common sports methods, provide scientific fitness guidance for the public, break the current state of physical monitoring and fitness guidance. On the other hand, train senior social sports instructors and sports prescriptions to build professional talents. During the post-epidemic period, the national fitness continued to divert itself from the community, and it is particularly important to guide the —— social sports instructors around the public. Cultivating senior social sports instructors and sports prescriptions with both sports knowledge and medical knowledge is the focus of the future talent team construction of the national fitness industry. 


Changes in social needs and industrial development have promoted the government's ability to improve the refined governance of public sports services. In the post-epidemic period, the people's strong fitness needs and the development and changes of the sports industry require the government to keenly grasp the actual needs of the society and promote the modernization of the governance system and governance capabilities in the field of public sports services. First, the government is required to work hard on "hardware." It is necessary to upgrade and transform the existing public sports infrastructure, grasp the development trend of "Internet +" sports in the era of big data, and build smart venues; and increase capital investment to make up for the lack of public sports infrastructure, and to solve the problem of community sports services. The one-kilometer problem provides a good hardware foundation. Second, the government is required to work hard on "software." Expand the scale of social sports instructors and improve the quality of social sports instructors; introduce sports social organizations, fitness industry operators, community autonomous organizations and other diverse group forces to provide community residents with sports and fitness services; introduce the "park box" model to share fitness facilities through the community, To create a community-centered 1km fitness social circle; to develop and utilize big data resources related to national fitness held by the government to better analyze and meet the fitness needs of citizens.

Post time: Oct-20-2021