21 most basic fitness knowledge

1.Do not eat foods that are difficult to digest, such as fats, meats, etc., within 60 minutes before exercising. You can eat carbohydrates, such as bread, bananas, etc., to improve exercise performance. 

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2.Be sure to warm up enough before exercise, so that the body and the mind can adapt to the reaction, so that the body can enter the training state faster, and prevent the occurrence of sports injuries .

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3.If you exercise for more than 60 minutes, or if the exercise intensity is intense, you need to supplement sports drinks and water, which can prevent the loss of body electrolytes due to excessive sweating. 

4.After exercise, you need to stretch the whole body muscles for at least 5-10 minutes, which can reduce the delayed muscle pain in the next 

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5.Friends who gain muscle, need to supplement high-protein foods after fitness, such as eggs, beef, chicken breast, protein powder, etc., which can better improve the training effect .

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6.Friends who are losing fat need to reduce calorie intake appropriately, pay attention to replenishing water during training, absolutely must drink water, lack of water in the body is not conducive to body metabolism, water replenishment should follow the principle of small amounts and multiple times .

7.Be sure to wear sportswear and sports shoes when exercising, which can not only improve sports performance, but also reduce the risk of sports injuries .

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8.Fitness training is forbidden after drinking. Alcohol itself accelerates blood circulation. If you go to exercise after drinking, it is easy to induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure.

9.Try not to smoke within 30 minutes after training, because blood circulation will accelerate the absorption of nicotine. It is better not to smoke for fitness.

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10.Do not hold your breath during strength training, control the movement rhythm slowly, focus on the target muscle group, and experience the strength of the muscles.

11.Do not take a shower immediately after training, wait for the sweat to disappear before taking a shower. The temperature of the shower water should not be too high, so as to avoid the decline of the body’s immune system.

12.The intensity of exercise varies from person to person. Don’t compare blindly with people. There is no such thing as the best sports and actions. Only the ones that suit you are the best.

13.After the exercise is over, please return the equipment to its original position.

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14.Perform aerobic training slowly, and slowly reduce the speed at the end. For example, 5 minutes before running can be a warm-up, and the last 5 minutes are body adjustments.

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15.Breakfast must be the most quality meal of the day, because it affects the metabolism throughout the day, it is absolutely not advisable to skip breakfast .

16.Fitness training can be done anytime and anywhere, such as in-situ squat, high leg lift, lunge squat, etc., you can choose a machine help yourself,such as use abdominal isolator belly bending training machine , all of which can be done in the office or in a small area .

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17.Before deciding to start working out, it is best to do a simple physical fitness assessment. You can ask a gym coach to help you. 18. A good fitness effect is inseparable from a good rest, please rest as early as possible, and it is best to go to bed before 10 o’clock in the evening.

18.It is not just a day or two for people to become fat, so it is the same if you want to lose weight. The change in appearance brought about by exercise takes time, so it’s most important to stick to it.

19.It’s better to exercise in the morning or at night. There is no conclusion yet. Finding the time that suits you best is the best time to train.

20.It’s good to practice fitness for one day and take a day off. It’s not necessary to practice every day. After all, you still have family, friends, work and life. Fitness is not all, it’s just a part of life. picture The graphic materials are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.


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Post time: Dec-31-2021