1390 Laser cutting machine

Applicable materials:

Non metallic materials such as dual color board, wood board, acrylic, rubber sheet, bamboo sheet, leather, crystal, stone, etc

Applicable industries:

Crafts carving industry, Paper Cuttings industry, clothing industry, shoemaking industry, advertising industry, etc

Product Detail

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What is the principle of a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine?

The principle of a carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is to generate laser light by using transitions between the vibrational and rotational energy levels of carbon dioxide molecules.

The discharge tube of a carbon oxide laser is filled with mixed gases such as carbon oxide, whose specific gravity and total pressure can vary within a certain range.

Small cutting heat affected zone, small plate deformation, and slits (0,1mm~0,3mm);

The incision shall be free of mechanical stress and shear burrs;

High machining accuracy, good repeatability, and no damage to the material surface; CNC programming, can process any scheme, can carry out large format full board cutting, without the need for mold opening, economical and time saving.

Technical Parameters

Product name

Laser cutting machine 1390

Laser power

60w 80w 100w 120w 130w 150w

Power supply voltage

AC220 ± 10%/AC110 ± 10% 50Hz

Work area


Engraving speed


Platform lifting

Honeycomb/aluminum knife platform

Positioning accuracy


Number of network cables


Minimub character

Character:2x2mm Letter:1x1mm

Working temperature

5℃ to 35℃



Control system

Ruida controller

Data transmission


System Environment

Windows2000/Windows xp

Cooling method

Water cooling and protection system

Supports graphics formats


Machine dimension


Machine weight



Standard export wooden package

Optional accessories

imported focus lens/rotary fixture/ dual light head/ rotary/lifting platform/ Laptop

Shipping and package

1390 Laser cutting machine (8)
1390 Laser cutting machine (9)
1390 Laser cutting machine (10)

Sample show

1390 Laser cutting machine (12)
1390 Laser cutting machine (11)

After- sale service

1. The corresponding time for customer service is within 24 hours;

2. This machine has a one-year warranty, laser warranty (metal tube warranty for one year, glass tube warranty for eight months), and lifelong maintenance;

3. Can be door-to-door debugging and installation, including church until, but to be charged;

4. Lifetime free maintenance and upgrade of the system's conventional software;

5. Artificial damage, natural disasters, force majeure factors, and unauthorized modifications are not covered by the warranty;

6. All our spare parts have corresponding inventory, and during the maintenance period, we will provide replacement parts to ensure the normal operation of your production;

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